Facetime for Chromebook

Using Chromebook and wants to install Facetime in your Chromebook, then here you will find the complete guide about the process for how to install and use Facetime in your Chromebook. Chromebook is based on Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system.

Get the information you want here for the process for using Facetime in your Chromebook. Here you get the best and genuine information about the how to use Facetime for your Chromebook.

So, read out this whole post very carefully and follow the instructions. Facetime will give you best quality video and audio call facility which is basically an Apple application.

About Facetime

  • Facetime is an iOS application which gives facility to make video calls.
  • Facetime will require an access to your front camera and audio device to make video calls.
  • Facetime needs a good internet connection because to provide best video calling experience to you.
  • IPadian is an emulator which is used by windows user to use Facetime in their laptop or pc.

How to use Facetime for Chromebook

Facetime is created for iOS and Mac OS users. Apple products like iPhone, iPad and Apple Laptop, you can use Facetime on any of these Apple products as it is created for them. But Facetime is not yet open for Android or Windows user.

So, there is no application which helps you to use Facetime in Chromebook. Chromebook version of Facetime is not yet created. There are so many other better alternatives of Facetime for Chromebook to make video calls.

The Google Hangout is the best option in place Facetime for your Chromebook. Hangout works really great with Chromebook. It is also provides you better functions and gives you great video calling experience in Chromebook.


This article gives you the complete information about the process for using Facetime for Chromebook. Read this complete article and carefully which provides you the best guide and information about using Facetime in Chromebook.

As you know eventually Facetime is not available for Chromebook. We will always provide you the correct and genuine information. And we will update you if Facetime is available for Chromebook.

More about facetime you can find details from this blog http://downloadfacetime.com I can see step by step guide for download and install facetime for pc, macbook and chrome guide given there.

Facetime for Windows 7 Laptop

How can I download Facetime for Windows 7 Laptop? This post provides you the complete guide for using Facetime for Windows 7 laptop. Facetime is one of the most popular video calling applications officially for iOS and Mac users.

Here we check out the process for how to download and install Facetime in Windows Laptop. Check out the process and follow the complete procedure mention in steps. Now, this is possible to use Facetime on the Windows Platform.

So, read this whole article carefully and get knowledgeable about the complete process for using Facetime for Windows 7. Check out the basic requirements and then follow the process.

Requirements for Downloading Facetime for Windows 7 Laptop/PC

  • PC or Laptop with Windows(7/8/10)
  • CPU: single code 1ghz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Webcam is required.
  • Internet Connectivity.

Features of Facetime

  • Video Call: The mail function of this app is video calling. You can call anywhere in the world free of cost. This app provides good quality even in decent internet connection.
  • Audio Call: This app will also provide audio call facility. If you don’t have proper internet connection for video call than you can make a voice call.
  • High Quality Call: Facetime also provides you a High quality video and audio call. But its take lots of data.
  • Picture in Picture: This Facetime feature let you see how you are looking while the other person is on the screen.
  • Facetime Interface: Facetime is very user-friendly as it provides you smooth, classy and straightforward functions so that everyone can use it efficiently.
  • Hide/Block Calls: It also provides you a function for Hide and Block calls if someone irritating you.

How to download Facetime for Windows 7 Laptop/PC

Check out the below mention step by step complete guide to download Facetime for Windows 7. Follow the steps as mention and complete the process.

  • First, you have to download an iPadian emulator from the given link www.ipadian.net.
  • Now, click on Download for Windows and install it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After completing the installation open the iPadian emulator.
  • Now, you have to login using your Apple user id and password.
  • Now, check out for the Facetime, if it is not then download it from the apple store.
  • Now you can make call from your contact list.


This post provides you complete information about the process for how to use Facetime for Windows 7 Laptop. Check out the requirements and functions of Facetime mention here in this post. And then follow the steps to download and use Facetime for Windows 7 Laptop/PC.

If you have any query or questions related to this article then share it by commenting us in below mention comment box. And get more useful information at our website regularly.